Clean water

Together we can protect the waterways that sustain our communities and our health.

Our waterways should be safe for swimming, fishing and drinking. But weak regulations and lax enforcement allow many of our rivers, lakes and streams to become so polluted they are no longer safe. This pollution, along with outdated infrastructure – like lead pipes in our schools – puts our health at risk. We need to work together to make sure our water is treated like the life-giving resource that it is.

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Colorado gets a ‘C+’ for efforts to get the lead out of water

Clean water

Colorado gets a ‘C+’ for efforts to get the lead out of water

CoPIRG Foundation highlights Colorado’s grade jumps in a report that ranks states on policies addressing lead in drinking water. The improved grade comes following a new state law that requires testing and remediation for some schools but Colorado still falls short in protecting kids from all lead in water. CoPIRG is calling on school districts to take additional action to fully protect kids from lead exposure, including adopting filter first policies and accessing available state and federal funding, something Vice President Harris emphasized in a recent visit to Colorado.

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