STATEMENT: Coloradans gain broadest repair rights of Americans in any state

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Ted Gotwals | TPIN
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs a broad consumer and business electronics bill, as CoPIRG's Danny Katz and legislative sponsors state Sen. Jeff Bridges and Rep. Brianna Titone look on.

DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday signed an electronics Right to Repair law that ensures Coloradans have access to the tools, parts, diagnostics and software they need to fix common electronics – everything from appliances to cell phones and IT equipment

Coloradans now have the broadest repair rights of any Americans. This new law builds on previous Colorado laws that enshrined repair protections for farm equipment and powered wheelchairs. Colorado is also the second state to include language in its electronics legislation that restricts companies from using software locks to restrict repair, a process known as “parts pairing.”

In response, CoPIRG Executive Director Danny Katz released the following statement:

“This action makes Colorado the ‘Right to Repair State’ – we will be able to fix more of our stuff than people in any other state. Everything breaks at some point, and when it does, we should have the freedom to fix it. Coloradan consumers are now empowered with more options on when, where, and how we fix our stuff. Having these options saves us time and money while reducing the amount of waste that we produce. 

“I want to thank state Representative Brianna Titone, who has sponsored and Governor Polis, who has signed all three Colorado Right to Repair bills and are national leaders on this issue. I also want to thank state Senators Jeff Bridges and Nick Hinrichsen and state Representative Steven Woodrow for sponsoring this bill. Thanks to their hard work, Colorado is an example for the rest of the country in terms of repairing the products we all use.”