Initiative Targeting Big Campaign Spenders Qualifies for November Ballot

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Yes on 65 Campaign Gets Underway


Denver, CO — Coloradans have responded to the barrage of campaign spending in Colorado by putting an initiative on the ballot to instruct Colorado’s elected officials to pass a federal constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions and spending.

After completing the signature verification, the Secretary of State announced that Initiative 82 will be on the ballot (the measure will be Amendment 65).   Colorado Fair Share led the petition drive, collecting more than 182,000 signatures in support of the measure.

“Unlimited, corporate, and secret money continues to undermine the principle of ‘one person, one vote,’” said Danny Katz of CoPIRG.  “The sheer number of Colorado voters who signed the petition demonstrates Coloradans’ desire to take a stand on this critical issue.”

A report released by USPIRG and Demos in August, MILLION-DOLLAR MEGAPHONES: SUPER PACS AND UNLIMITED OUTSIDE SPENDING IN THE 2012 ELECTIONS, put all this campaign spending into a clear and frightening picture. “Outside spending organizations reported $167.5 million in spending to the FEC.  Of this, $12.7 million (7.6% of the total) was “secret money” that cannot be traced back to an original source.” And this is all legal activity after the US Supreme Court handed down several rulings that some groups say is legal corruption.

“Coloradans signed the petition in overwhelming numbers because they are fed up with money drowning out the voices of real people in our elections,” commented Elena Nunez, Executive Director of Colorado Common Cause. “With Amendment 65, every voter in Colorado will have a chance to express to their elected officials, loudly and clearly, that it is time for us to reclaim our government of, by and for the people.”