Gov declares ‘CO E-bike Day’ as state ranks #1 nationally in public funding for electric bike programs

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Wildly popular Denver e-bike rebate program paves way for Colorado’s big investment in expanding climate fighting e-bike option

Governor Jared Polis declares September 21, 2022 to be Colorado E-Bike Day’, thanks to work from CoPIRGPhoto by Alexandra Simon | Used by permission

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DENVER — Colorado is making the biggest investment of any state in the country in e-bike rebates, expanding access to a clean transportation option that was already becoming a more common sight following the pandemic surge in biking. The $12 million dollars included in a clean air package passed this spring and signed by Governor Jared Polis builds on the momentum of a City of Denver e-bike rebate program that has been wildly popular, distributing rebates to over 3,000 recipients since the program began in April. 

“E-bikes are the future – they’re here and on the rise. Colorado leads the nation in e-bike funding because we’re committed to combating GHG emissions by replacing car trips with bike rides, while also working to provide affordable alternatives to car ownership. Every person you see on an e-bike is someone who is enjoying being a solution to some of our biggest problems,” said Rachel Hultin, Sustainable Transportation Director for Bicycle Colorado.

“Electric bikes are an ideal option for many shorter commutes to school or work, allowing people to access to replace trips in polluting vehicles that clog our highways with a cleaner, more efficient option.,” said CoPIRG public health advocate Alex Simon. “Colorado’s leading the nation  in expanding access to e-bikes for residents statewide, and both Colorado and Denver are models for cities and states across the country.”

The following panelists participated in the discussion and issued the following statements:

  • Elizabeth Babcock, Deputy Director, City of Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency: “During the work of the Climate Action Task Force, I had no idea the people of Denver would vote to pass the Climate Protection Fund, giving us the resources needed to implement some truly innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Thanks to those task force members and voters, we were able to launch a successful ebike rebate program for our residents. Ebikes are the fun, easy to ride alternative to getting around without a car.”
  • Dr. Ash Lovell, Electric Bicycle Policy and Campaign Director, People for Bikes: “Electric bicycles have been proven to help folks ride bicycles more often and for longer trips – making them an essential tool in mode shifting away from cars and toward human-powered mobility. A recent study showed that maximizing electric bicycle use could save a total of 24.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year with an average savings of 580 kilograms per person. We’re looking forward to helping more folks transition their car trips to bike trips using their electric bicycle.”
  • Will Toor, Director, Colorado Energy Office: “Colorado is committed to clean air and climate action. Helping residents get access to E-bikes is a key strategy for achieving these goals while saving people money on transportation and expanding mobility.”
  • Piep van Heuven, Government Relations Director, Bicycle Colorado: These are the steps that states and cities need to take to address transportation change. Household motor vehicle trips are one of the biggest drivers of transportation emissions in the country, and nearly 60% of these trips are a distance of 6 miles or less, the perfect distance for an e-bike trip.”
  • Darnell Robinson, CAN DO Colorado Mini Pilot Bike Program Recipient: “To consider getting an ebike, I would consider the travel that you need to go through vs. getting there with a vehicle. If you can get there just as easily on the bike with a bike lane, I would take that route.”