Bill aims to curb greenhouse gas emissions from residential and commercial buildings passes legislature

DENVER — The state legislature passed HB22-1362 today, setting new standards for building electrification by addressing key areas like electric, solar, low energy, carbon, and green building codes. It provides funding for training to help builders and owners better understand the new codes, a grant program to electrify public buildings, and an electric heating and appliances grant program. 

“These requirements update and modernize building practices in ways that benefit consumers and our health, ” said CoPIRG advocate Alex Simon. “Changes like heat pumps and electric appliances, solar technologies, and incorporating electric vehicle charging capacity in parking areas are important ways to reduce overall energy use, saving consumers money on their transportation and energy bills, and improve both indoor and outdoor air quality.” 

A U.S. PIRG report released in April 2021, Electric Buildings, provides a more comprehensive analysis on air pollution from residential and commercial buildings and benefits of electrification. 

HB22-1362 now moves to Governor Polis’ desk.