Big wins at the Colorado legislature

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DENVER – After the Colorado Legislature wrapped its 2024 legislative session on Wednesday, CoPIRG released its list of big wins for Colorado consumers and the health of our state. Among the bills that passed and await Gov. Jared Polis’s signature, CoPIRG highlighted:

  • Coloradans will have the broadest repair rights of any state in the country with a new bill that will extend Right to Repair protections to most consumer and business electronics
  • Historic transit investments that will devote approximately $170 million per year to public transportation programs to expand and improve bus and train services across the state. 
  • More products added to the no-PFAS list including most outdoor apparel, cookware, dental floss, ski wax, menstruation products and artificial turf. PFAS are a group of “forever chemicals,” which are nearly indestructible toxins that can cause major health problems in humans.
  • Cuts in ozone pollution via transit investments and increased regulatory powers. The legislature voted to strengthen air quality enforcement tools to hold polluters accountable, and increased funding for the state’s program to plug “orphan” oil and gas wells and so-called “marginal” wells, which are wells that are low-producing but often highly polluting.
  • A higher bar on data privacy for kids by stopping websites and apps from gathering a minor’s precise geolocation beyond what’s necessary for a service. Senate Bill 24-041 also requires websites and apps to delete any data it has collected from a child once it’s no longer needed, and prohibits some websites and apps from collecting a minor’s data for targeted advertising and from selling it to other entities without consent.
  • No more hidden fees when shopping for tickets to shows and games with a new bill that requires ticket sellers to disclose all fees at the time they state the price of the tickets. It also ensures consumers get refunds from ticket sellers for canceled events or counterfeit tickets.
  • Transformational waste reduction policy greenlit by the Joint Budget Committee (JBC). The state’s producer responsibility program will require companies to pay for all the bags, boxes, bottles and shrink wrap that comes with their stuff. The money they pay will fund expanded recycling services to everyone across Colorado, and divert 410,000 more tons of recyclable materials back to companies to be reused instead of landfilled.

The governor has 30 days to sign or veto bills. 

For more information on CoPIRG’s legislative agenda click here.