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New data privacy tool helps consumers opt out of online data collection, selling

When you are online, you can stop companies from collecting and selling your data for targeted ads with the Global Policy Control tool. Here's how you can install this data privacy tool in your browser.

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Keeping your data safe online unfortunately requires some work.

Data privacy is important and consumers should be careful about what personal information you share online.

Unfortunately, lots of your personal data is already being collected and sold when you visit websites – likely more than you realize.

To stop creepy ads that indicate advertisers know more about you than they should, and to reduce the risk of your information landing in the hands of scammers and identity thieves, the Colorado Attorney General’s office has selected the Global Privacy Control tool as an approved universal opt-out mechanism.

This means that, once you install the tool in your browser, your computer or phone will send a signal to websites that you don’t want your information collected or sold for targeted ads. And that signal has the force of the Colorado Privacy Act and Colorado Attorney General’s office behind it.

It’s really easy to install this data privacy tool on your devices.

We’ve got step-by-step info here for major browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

What other rights do I have with the Colorado Privacy Act?

The Colorado Privacy Act grants you several rights regarding your personal information including the right to get a copy of the personal information businesses have collected about you, the right to correct inaccuracies in your data and the right to have businesses delete the personal information they have on you.


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