Colorado surges past 100K electric vehicles on the road

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Alexandra Simon

Former Public Health Advocate, CoPIRG Foundation

DENVER – Colorado surpassed 100,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, according to EValuateCO, a dashboard showing key metrics around vehicle electrification in the state. The November dashboard update shows Colorado now has 101,591 EVs on the road – an important benchmark as the state aims for nearly 1 million EVs on the road by 2030.

To mark the milestone, CoPIRG Foundation released a top 10 list of key policies in Colorado that have accelerated the electrification of everything from light-duty vehicles to trucks to bikes.

The recent milestone reflects significant growth in this sector, increasing over 900% since 2018, when the state had only 9,542 electric vehicles on the road. According to CoPIRG Foundation’s top ten list, key policies and programs that supported this growth in EVs include the recently adopted Colorado Clean Cars rule and the Advanced Clean Trucks rule passed earlier this year. Both rules require manufacturers to make and sell an increasing percentage of electric options in future years.

“From creating incentives that make EVs more affordable to investing in charging infrastructure, we are proud of all the work we’re doing to advance electric vehicle adoption in Colorado,” said Will Toor, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office. “With more than 100,000 EVs on the roads, it’s clear that Coloradans are excited about switching to electric vehicles, reducing their emissions, and saving money on fuel and maintenance costs. We look forward to continuing to support efforts to reach our goal of nearly 1 million EVs on the road by 2030.”

“Coloradans should take a moment and celebrate that we’ve reached 100,000 electric vehicles on the road,” said CoPIRG Foundation public health advocate Alex Simon. “This impressive list of smart policies have supported and accelerated the surge in the electric vehicle market in Colorado helping residents take advantage of more incentives, more model options and more charging opportunities than ever before.”

Additional initiatives driven under the Polis administration include setting ambitious goals for the state in the newly updated 2023 Colorado EV plan, which aims for nearly 100% EVs by 2050. To facilitate those goals, the state has established some of the most generous tax incentives in the country for EVs, with residents currently eligible for a $5,000 tax credit for EV models under $80,000 MSRP and an additional $2,500 starting in January 2024 for models under $35,000 MSRP.

The state’s vision for electrified transportation extends beyond standard light-duty EVs, and CoPIRG Foundation’s top 10 list includes programs like the Clean Fleets Vehicle Technology and Grant Programs designed to help businesses and governments to fund low or zero-emission vehicles for fleets. The Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program provides funding to districts to offset the upfront costs associated with buying and charging a new electric school bus, and the state is launching a new e-bike tax credit in April 2024.

The EvaluateCO dashboard is a collaborative effort between the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Tyler Colorado and Atlas Public Policy.