Biden administration’s proposed Clean Car standards are a step toward cleaner air

The effort to curb air pollution and cut global warming emissions is once again headed in the right direction.

On Aug. 5, the Biden administration announced plans to strengthen federal fuel economy and emissions standards for vehicles. Also known as the federal Clean Car standards, the proposed rule will require automakers to progressively decrease emissions from their cars. The industry has lobbied for weaker standards for years, all while the transportation sector — America’s No. 1 source of greenhouse gas pollution — has continued to threaten public health and contribute to global warming.

“Our country’s car-centric transportation system is wreaking havoc on our health and the climate,” said U.S. PIRG Transportation Advocate John Stout. “But even stronger standards are necessary if we truly hope to have cleaner air to breath and a healthier climate to pass onto future generations.”

“So while we applaud this effort by the Biden administration, we believe it is only the first mile marker on the road to a zero-emission transportation network fit for the 21st century.”

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Photo: To make our air cleaner and our climate healthier, we need to move toward low- and zero-emission vehicles — especially given that America’s car-centric transportation system is our biggest source of global warming emissions. Credit: Scharfsinn via Shutterstock


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