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We need to get ALL the lead out of our drinking water

On Tuesday, I testified to the State Water Resources Control Board calling for actions to get toxic lead out of our drinking water system. 

Lead is highly toxic to children- even exposure to very small amounts is linked to irreversible damage to a child’s brain, and can cause IQ loss, ADHD and anxiety disorders.

Because lead is extremely harmful to public health, all lead bearing parts need to be removed from our drinking water systems. That doesn’t just mean traditional lead pipes, but any lead components like fittings as well as galvanized pipes. 

Studies have shown that galvanized pipes that have been attached to lead components become contaminated with lead and can leach lead into our drinking water.  In Fresno last year, testing revealed that the water of more than 300 residents was contaminated with lead caused by corroded galvanized pipes.  

In order to protect Californians from lead exposure, we need to get ALL the lead out of drinking water. 

The good news is that funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill provides a golden opportunity to get all the lead out of our drinking water systems and provides the resources to do it properly. That’s why we’re calling on the Water Board to take advantage of this federal funding to remove all lead components from our drinking water system. 

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