High Value Health Care

Legislation aimed at addressing unchecked growth in health care costs

Californians have access to some of the best medical care in the world, from lifesaving drugs to advanced medical devices to cutting-edge surgical techniques. But our medical system is seriously flawed, with out-of-control costs leaving many Californians spending more but often receiving substandard care.

Compared to consumers in similarly wealthy countries, Americans spend twice as much money per person on health care.

We need to get a hold of health care costs. That means addressing inefficiencies like treatments that don’t work or tests that aren’t necessary, tackling unreasonable price hikes for medicines, and increasing scrutiny over hospital mergers that can decrease competition and increase prices. If communities are faced with essentially one hospital system, they’re held hostage to the high prices those systems charge.

That’s why CALPIRG is supporting AB 1130 to create the Office of Health Care Affordability and AB 2080 to increase scrutiny of the growing trend of healthcare consolidation. 

Sign to support these important bills to increase oversight of the healthcare market and bring down costs for consumers.

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