Make It Toxic-Free

California Assembly passes legislation to ban toxic forever chemicals in cosmetics

On Thursday the California State Assembly passed legislation (AB 2771) to ban the sale of cosmetics and personal care products in California that intentionally contain toxic “forever” chemicals known as PFAS.  

PFAS are a class of thousands of chemicals that are used in many consumer products to make them water resistant, durable, or slippery.  Exposure to PFAS has been linked to a wide range of serious health effects including kidney and liver disease, immune system suppression, birth defects and even cancer.

Products we use on our bodies every day shouldn’t contain toxic ingredients that put our health at risk.  CALPIRG applauds Assemblymember Laura Friedman for her leadership on this critical legislation to make sure what we put on our bodies is toxic-free.

Next step: the State Senate. Tell your State Senator to support a ban on toxic chemicals in our cosmetics. 

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