Right To Repair

Community leaders, local groups, and businesses rally for the Right to Repair during free Repair Café

CALPIRG invited city officials, advocates, and members of the public to call for the Right to Repair

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Some of the speakers who spoke in favor of Right to Repair and SB 244 (the Right to Repair Act) at the Repair Café. Speakers from left to right are: Robin Cox, Owner of Remainders Creative Reuse; Ginko Lee, a lead organizer of the Pasadena Repair Café; Phoenix Luther, Pasadena High School Student and repair enthusiast; Felicia Williams, Pasadena Vice Mayor; Dan Brotman, Glendale City Councilmember and incoming Mayor; Cheryl Auger, President of Ban SUP and Owner of My Zero Waste Store; Sander Kushen, CALPIRG Consumer Advocate; Dr. Elizabeth Chamberlain, Director of Sustainability at iFixit

On Saturday, April 1, community members rallied for the Right to Repair at the Pasadena Repair Café. During the event, the public brought in their broken electronics, appliances, lamps, jewelry, toys, bikes and more to be fixed free of charge while advocates called for the passage of SB 244, a bill to make repair easier in California and reduce waste.

At the event, CALPIRG released a new report “Repair Saves Families Big II,” which finds that repair could save California residents a total of $5.13 billion annually.

Right to Repair legislation like SB 244 could also cut down on toxic electronic waste by keeping products in use for longer. Currently, the average family in California generates about 115 pounds of electronic waste each year. Across the country, that adds up to 6.9 million tons of electronic waste.

Support Right to Repair by visiting our Right to Repair Action Toolkit.

Sander Kushen

Former Consumer Advocate, CALPIRG

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