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CALPIRG supports new bill to greatly reduce lead exposure

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As kids return to school this fall, it’s up to us to make sure they aren’t returning to water fountains and other fixtures that contaminate their drinking water with lead.

California’s Assemblymember Chris Holden has introduced Assembly bill 100 which would ban the manufacture and sale of water faucets and fixtures that leach lead. Regarding the new bill, Holden and his supporters hosted a webinar Aug. 26 where activist groups including CALPIRG urged the state Senate to pass legislation that minimizes lead exposure in drinking water.

“We all expect the water we drink will keep us and our children healthy, and not make us sick,” said Jenn Engstorm, CALPIRG state director.

“Assembly Bill 100 will make sure that when schools and childcare centers update their plumbing to address lead contamination, they can be sure the faucets and fixtures they buy will actually solve the problem.”

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Photo: CALPIRG joins other groups like Western Center on Law and Poverty to advocate for the passing of AB 100 in the state Senate. Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

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