CALPIRG joins 18th annual Ocean Day

Ricky Mackie | TPIN
CALPIRG staff and student leaders at the 18th annual Ocean Day.

On Tuesday, April 11th, CALPIRG joined our partners at Environment California and other ocean protection organizations for the 18th annual Ocean Day in Sacramento.

Ocean Day started in 2005 with a group of beach-goers, environmentalists, and ocean advocates knocking on every door in the California Capitol to talk about protecting the ocean.

This year, over 200 people came to Sacramento to advocate for reducing plastic pollution, to stop oil drilling and dumping toxic chemicals in our ocean, and for better protections for marine life. Together the group met with over 70 legislative offices and increased visibility for these important issues.

CALPIRG met with state leaders during the 18th annual Ocean Day.Photo by Ricky Mackie | TPIN

CALPIRG’s priority for this year’s Oceans Day was to demonstrate support for moving our state beyond unnecessary plastic packaging. So much plastic waste comes from things we know we don’t need, like plastic bags and excessive plastic food packaging. What’s more, a lot of plastic packaging includes additives that know are harmful to public health. That’s why CALPIRG supports legislation like Assembly Bill 1290 by Assemblymember Luz Rivas, which will phase out problematic plastic materials that are either hard to recycle or harmful to human health.

Oceans Day was a great opportunity to educate state leaders on this issue and more, and we’ll continue building support throughout the spring and summer to move our state beyond plastic and protect our communities and coastal areas.


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