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CALPIRG, iFixit call for Right to Repair reform at event

The event was meant to hold companies accountable, educate consumers and show the need for Right to Repair laws.

James Rivas | TPIN
CALPIRG Advocate Sander Kushen reviews the results of the second edition of CALPIRG Education Fund's Fixing the Fix Report. Behind is Dr. Elizabeth Chamberlain, Director of Sustainability at iFixit.

Representatives from CALPIRG and the leading repair website iFixit gathered in front of a Los Angeles Best Buy to discuss the need for Right to Repair legislation in California.

In front of an audience of several media outlets and a few curious Best Buy customers, they released the second edition of CALPIRG Education Fund’s annual “Failing the Fix” Report. The report graded top electronics manufacturers like Apple and Google on the repairability of their products. While there were some minor improvements from last year’s scores, the results still show that most companies need to do more to make fixable products.

“At the end of the day, no laptop or cellphone should be disposable,” said Sander Kushen, CALPIRG Advocate. “We put out this report to demonstrate the benefits of Right to Repair reforms, such as the newly introduced state bill known as the Right to Repair Act by Senator Eggman. The bill would ensure that all of our products are more fixable.”


Sander Kushen

Former Consumer Advocate, CALPIRG

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