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CALPIRG hosts celebration of California’s new plastic waste reduction law

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CALPIRG State Director Jenn Engstrom celebrates California's new plastic waste reduction law

Last month, state legislators, city officials, environmental groups, and supporters joined CALPIRG at Hermosa Beach Pier to celebrate this summer’s passage of the Plastic Pollution Producer Responsibility Act.

Introduced by Sen. Ben Allen of Santa Monica, this landmark anti-plastic pollution law mandates reductions in single-use foodware and packaging, requires single-use items to be recyclable or compostable by 2032 and holds plastic packaging producers financially responsible for cleaning up the waste their products create. 

This new law is a monumental step forward against the plastic waste crisis and the culmination of more than four years of organizing and advocacy. 

That’s why we were excited to bring together so many people who helped win this victory for our ocean and communities – from the champion in the legislature to the volunteer who called their legislator. The collective action from the public, advocacy organizations, and elected officials together has made California a leader in reducing plastic pollution.  

Check out video from the event below. 


Celebrating Californian's progress against plastic pollution

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