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CALPIRG-backed bill introduced to reform ticket sales

Assemblywoman Laura Friedman's new bill would increase transparency in online ticket sales.

Last week, Assemblywoman Laura Friedman introduced a new bill that would add additional transparency to ticket-sales for live events. The bill would require ticket vendors to include fees or surcharges as part of the full ticket price and also provide clear information on how to obtain a refund.

CALPIRG is a sponsor of the bill along with the Consumer Federation of California.  In response to the bill’s introduction, CALPIRG Advocate Sander Kushen released the following statement:

“We commend Assemblymember Friedman for introducing ticket transparency legislation in California. When fans are already spending so much to see their favorite performers live, it’s especially important that they have access to upfront ticket costs. The current lack of transparency in online ticket sales leaves consumers blindsided by hidden fees and murky refund policies. Overall, this decreases consumer confidence and can take the joy out of what should otherwise be a fun experience. CALPIRG is excited to work with Assemblymember Friedman and the California Legislature to ensure ticket transparency in California.”

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