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109 local elected officials submit letter in support of Right to Repair

Over 100 mayors, city council members, and county supervisors signed on to support Senator Eggman's SB 244, the Right to Repair Act

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Earlier this week, elected officials from across California came together to support SB 244, legislation that would reduce waste and make electronics and appliances easier to fix. You can read their letter below:

Dear Chair Portantino,

As local elected officials from across California, we are writing to express support for the Right to Repair Act, SB 244 (Sen. Eggman), to require fair access to parts, tools, service information and repair software. This legislation would help reduce waste while also helping provide more options for the people in our cities to get their things fixed.
Right to Repair is in the best interest of our constituents. Research shows that repairing instead of replacing electronic products could save local households approximately $382 each year, adding up to over $5 billion in savings across California.

Unfortunately, our right to repair is currently not being protected. Many repairs are impossible due to manufacturer-imposed restrictions that limit access to the parts, tools and service information that are needed for consumers or independent repair businesses to make repairs. This pushes consumers into buying new devices, leading to more waste.
SB 244 would fix this problem by expanding access to repair materials. Right to Repair is also an important tool to slow the creation of waste by allowing consumers to keep their stuff in use and out of the trash.

More access to repair parts, tools and information means more opportunities for local small businesses to grow or new businesses to start. This means more competition and better prices for consumers. The electronics repair industry is expected to grow 7.8% annually through 2025. If manufacturers are allowed to continue consolidating their repair monopolies, they’ll see all that benefit. SB 244 would keep that repair money local to California small businesses.

In the spirit of making our communities more sustainable and keeping money in consumer pocketbooks, we support SB 244. We urge you to also support SB 244 and Right to Repair this session.


Nithya Raman, City Councilmember, Los Angeles
Daniel Brotman, Mayor, Glendale
Chris O’Malley, City Councilmember, Altadena
Nic Arnzen, City Councilmember, Altadena
Felicia Williams, Vice Mayor, Pasadena
Tyron Hampton, City Councilmember, Pasadena
Michael Anthony Cacciotti, City Councilmember, South Pasadena
Eric Nakano, City Councilmember, San Dimas
Steven Frank Johnson, City Councilmember, La Verne
Konstantine Anthony, Mayor, Burbank
Nick Schultz, Vice Mayor, Burbank
Nikki Pérez, City Councilmember, Burbank
Jason Corum, Neighborhood Council Representative, Los Feliz
Josh Steichmann, Neighborhood Council Representative, Los Feliz
Aida Ashouri, Neighborhood Council Representative, Los Feliz
Erica Vilardi-Espinosa, Neighborhood Council Education Committee Chair, Los Feliz
Graham Rossmore, Neighborhood Council Board Member Representative, Los Feliz
Blu Rhoden, Neighborhood Council Alternate Youth Representative, Los Feliz
​​Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Mayor, Alameda
Emmanuel J Estrada, Mayor, Baldwin Park
Steve Young, Mayor, Benicia
Susan Wengraf, City Councilmember, Berkeley
Gil Rebollar, City Councilmember, Brawley
Blair Stewart, City Councilmember, Brea
Arthur C Brown, Mayor, Buena Park
Susan Sonne, Mayor Pro Tempore, Buena Park
Michael Brownrigg, Mayor, Burlingame
Alexander Pedersen, City Council Member, Capitola
Dr. Jayna Karpinski-Costa, City Councilmember, Citrus Heights
Kitty Moore, City Councilmember, Cupertino
Salvador Solorio-Ruiz, Mayor Pro Tempore, Delano
Michael McCorriston, Vice Mayor, Dublin
Lisa Gauthier, Mayor, East Palo Alto
Christian Dinco, Mayor Pro Tempore, Eastvale
Lisa Motoyama, Mayor, El Cerrito
Kalimah Priforce, City Councilmember, Emeryville
Jon Froomin, Mayor, Foster City
Fred Jung, Mayor, Fullerton
Deborah Penrose, Mayor, Half Moon Bay
Deborah Ruddock, City Council Member, Half Moon Bay
Harvey Rarback, City Councilmember, Half Moon Bay
Ariel Kelley, Mayor, Healdsburg
Chris Herrod, City Councilmember, Healdsburg
Justin Massey, Mayor Pro Tempore, Hermosa Beach
Leslie Marden Ragsdale, City Councilmember, Hillsborough
Kathleen Treseder, City Councilmember, Irvine
Larry Agran, City Councilmember, Irvine
Robert Whalen, Mayor, Laguna Beach
Alex Rounaghi, City Councilmember, Laguna Beach
Kevin Haroff, City Councilmember, Larkspur
Jennifer Torres-O’Callaghan, City Councilmember, Lathrop
Barry Waite, Mayor, Lomita
Bill Uphoff, Mayor Pro Tem, Lomita
Jenelle Osborne, Mayor, Lompoc
Oscar Flores, Mayor, Lynwood
Bruce Delgado, Mayor, Marina
Frank García, Mayor, Maywood
Jose Alonoso, City Councilmember, Mendota
Ann Schneider, Mayor, Millbrae
Chris Ricci, City Councilmember, Modesto
Eric E. Alvarez, City Councilmember, Modesto
David Torres, Mayor, Montebello
Alison Hicks, Mayor, Mountain View
Doug Fleming, Mayor, Nevada City
Maria Sucy Collazo, Vice Mayor, Newark
Christopher P. Smith, Mayor Pro Tempore, Oakdale
Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland
Bryan MacDonald, Mayor Pro Tempore, Oxnard
Christy Holstege, City Councilmember, Palm Springs
Jeffrey Bernstein, City Councilmember, Palm Springs
Jim Roos, Mayor, Palos Verdes Estates
Alma M Beltran, Mayor, Parlier
John Hamon, Mayor Pro Tempore, Paso Robles
Shivaugn Alves, City Councilmember, Patterson
Dennis Pocekay, City Councilmember, Petaluma
Karla Brown, Mayor, Pleasanton
Misty Perez, Mayor Pro Tempore, Port Hueneme
John Cruikshank, Mayor Pro Tempore, Rancho Palos Verdes
Nils Nehrenheim, City Councilmember, Redondo Beach
Eduardo Martinez, Mayor, Richmond
Soheila Bana, PhD, City Councilmember, Richmond
Pam Brown Schachter, City Councilmember, Rolling Hills Estates
Adam Rak, Mayor, San Carlos
Chris Duncan, Mayor, San Clemente
Valerie Vandever, City Councilmember, San Jacinto
Howard D. Hart, Mayor, San Juan Capistrano
Bryan Azevedo, Vice Mayor, San Leandro
Amourence Lee, Mayor, San Mateo
Lori Y. Woods, Vice Mayor, Signal Hill
Manny Acosta, City Councilmember, South El Monte
Cristi Creegan, Mayor, South Lake Tahoe
Richard Mehlinger, City Councilmember, Sunnyvale
David Newman, City Councilmember, Thousand Oaks
Christine Krolik, Mayor, Town of Hillsborough
Sarah Rea, Town Councilmember, Mammoth Lakes
Nancy D. Young, Mayor, Tracy
Dan Arriola, City Councilmember, Tracy
Jeff Wang, City Councilmember, Union City
Scott Sakakihara, City Councilmember, Union City
Kevin Wilk, City Councilmember, Walnut Creek
Vanessa Quiroz-Carter, Mayor Pro Tempore, Watsonville
Brian Tabatabai, Mayor Pro Tempore, West Covina
Tami Ritter, County Supervisor, Butte County
John Haschak, County Supervisor, Mendocino County
Rafael Mandelman, County Supervisor, San Francisco County
Joan Hartmann, County Supervisor, Santa Barbara County
Erin Hannigan, County Supervisor, Solano County
Jaron Brandon, County Supervisor, Tuolumne County
Jim Provenza, County Supervisor, Yolo County

Titles included for identification purposes only

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