Toxic Gas Leak in Carson, CA Sends 13 to Hospital

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Accident comes while federal government reviews chemical security standards


Los Angeles, CA-  Monday evening a toxic gas leak at a chemical plant in Carson, California late Monday caused 13 people to be hospitalized and dozens more were treated on site according to the Associated Press.

This accident toxic gas leak comes at a time whenw hile the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and Office of Safety and Health Administration are holding public public listening hearings sessions across the country in response to an executive order from President Obama instructing the agencies to develop plans to make sure that chemical plants are as safe as possible.

“With millions of Californians at risk every single day, it shouldn’t take another accident to get the EPA to act on protectingto protect our communities from chemical disasters”, said Austin Price, Field Director with CALPIRG.

The President issued the executive order on August 1st, in part due to increased public pressure following an explosion at a West, Texas fertilizer plant  in April,that which killed 15 people and injured over 160. 

In California 57 high risk chemical facilities in California put at least 100,000 people at risk of toxic exposure, with. some plants in high congested urban areas around Los Angeles and the Bay Area putting millions in the EPA designated “vulnerability zones”.

Millions of Californians living in densely populated neighborhoods around Los Angeles and the Bay Area are within EPA designated “vulnerability zones” surrounding dangerous chemical plants.

“These highHigh-risk chemical facilities are on in some of California’s most highly congested areas” said Price.  “Fortunately, in many cases safer alternatives exist, and these companies should use them to protect our communities and their own bottom line.”

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