Strong Net Neutrality Rules to Protect an Open Internet Passes out of State Assembly

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Emily Rusch

Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network


Statement by Emily Rusch, executive director of CALPIRG

“The Internet has opened up a whole new world of information and ideas to citizens around the globe. Net neutrality is the principle that consumers – not the Internet Service Providers – choose what news outlets we read, where we shop online, and which apps we download. The public should have the same speed, same quality, and same access to all online content.

In our increasingly connected world, SB 822 ensures we protect a free and open internet for our future. SB 822 prohibits Internet Service Providers from interfering with consumers’ ability to access content on the Internet, including blocking, impairing or degrading certain content. SB 822 also prohibits ISPs from charging content providers in order to have their content seen by potential customers. Finally, SB 822 prohibits zero rating plans that would benefit some content over other content on the Internet.

Without net neutrality, the Internet, which belongs to everyone and every idea, has been placed under the control of powerful telephone and cable company gatekeepers. They can throttle or even block some content to let their favored content speed along. In the worst-case scenario, some consumers may only be able to afford a plan where the content they have access to is pre-selected by their provider. Or maybe the plan gives access to your favorite news outlets, but provides high speed access to the news outlets they prefer. This harms consumers and citizens, small businesses, innovators and even our culture of freedom and democracy.

On behalf of consumers and citizens everywhere, CALPIRG applauds Senator Scott Wiener for authoring this measure, and fighting for its passage. We urge the Senate to quickly send SB 822 to the Governor’s desk.”

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