Statement: California Assembly advances bill for more consumer information on gas stove health risks

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California State Assembly approved a bill Monday that would alert consumers about the pollution risks associated with gas stoves. Assembly Bill 2513 would require all gas stoves sold in California to have a warning label detailing the health risks of the pollutants emitted by gas stoves. 

A new Stanford study finds gas stoves fill homes with asthma-linked nitrogen dioxide and other toxic pollutants like ultrafine particles, benzene and carbon monoxide. The study attributes gas stove pollution to 200,000 current cases of childhood asthma nationwide, and found greater impacts in smaller homes. 

Despite these risks, a report from the U.S. PIRG Education Fund reveals that at the point of sale, consumers often receive little to no information—or even incorrect information—about gas stove pollution and strategies to mitigate risks, such as installing external ventilation.  

AB 2513 will warn consumers of these harms and recommend proper ventilation to reduce exposure. The bill passed the state Assembly with a 51-14 vote, and now heads to the state Senate. 

In response to the bill’s passage, CALPIRG State Director Jenn Engstrom made the following statement: 

“Gas stoves create pollution in our homes, increasing the risk of childhood asthma and other respiratory problems for our families. However, this risk has largely been hidden from the public. Consumers deserve the truth when it comes to the danger of cooking with gas. Warning labels will give consumers what they need to make informed decisions when they purchase appliances for their homes.”