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CALPIRGS Organizes in L.A. to Overturn Citizens United


Emboldened by the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Citizens United, millionaires and corporations spent more than three times as much on the 2012 election than in the record-breaking election in 2008.

All this big money means these special interests are trying to drown out the voices of ordinary Californians. But we have something they don’t — people power. The only way we’re going to reclaim our democracy is by joining forces and making our voice heard now.

This week, the Los Angeles City Council is voting on whether or not to give voters the opportunity to weigh-in on the Citizen’s United ruling.

We want to deliver 1,000 petition signatures to the City Council allowing us to voice our objection to Citizens United when we testify at the meeting this Wednesday.

Sign the petition urging the City Council to “Let Us Vote,” and give us the opportunity to engage in the long fight to win back our democracy.

In the May 2013 mayoral election, we have a chance to allow Los Angeles voters to weigh-in directly on big money’s influence in our democracy. Let’s make sure we get the City Council to put a measure calling for the overturning of Citizens United on the ballot.

So far, more than 400 communities have rejected the Citizens United decision, and other major cities like Chicago and San Francisco have provided an opportunity for voters to directly denounce big money’s influence in our elections. Let’s allow the people of Los Angeles to join together in a call to reclaim our democracy.

Let’s utilize our democracy to reclaim it from big money’s undue influence. Sign our petition today urging the Los Angeles City Council to “Let Us Vote!”