Equifax Extends Deadline for Free Credit Freezes

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Emily Rusch

Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network


Statement by Emily Rusch, Executive Director of CALPIRG, on Extended Deadline for Free Equifax Credit Freeze

“Equifax has yet again extended the deadline for getting free freezes on Equifax credit reports following its massive data breach.

Locks appear to block access to credit reports the same way freezes do. However, freezes are a right by law and not conditional on terms set by companies.

Amid yesterday’s news reports of a change in deadline from January 31st to June 30th, we called Equifax’s freeze department and received confirmation of the change.

Although this gives consumers more time, there should be no deadline at all. Freezes should be free for consumers to get at any and all times.

Also, consumers should act sooner than later because each day that goes by is another day an identity thief could open an account in your name if you don’t have a freeze on your credit report. 

Getting credit freezes at all three national credit bureaus remains the best action consumers can take after the Equifax breach, whether they were affected by it or not. Even though in most states you’ll outrageously still have to pay fees at Experian and TransUnion, you should get the free freeze with Equifax while you still can.”


Our step-by-step guide for placing credit freezes with all three bureaus is available here. FAQs about the Equifax data breach are available here.

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