Right to repair

Right to Repair Lobby Day 2023

8:00 am - 5:00pm PDT


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CALPIRG research found that repair can save the average household about $380 per year and a total of $49 billion across the country.

On May 3, repair shops, environmental groups and consumer advocates joined together for a virtual lobby day for the Right to Repair.

Too often, owners of electronics and independent repair shops don’t have access to the parts, tools and repair guides that are essential to fixing electronics and appliances. When only the manufacturer or their “authorized technician” can fix something, they can charge whatever they want or claim that it can’t be fixed to push consumers into buying new devices, leading to more waste.

Senate Bill 244 will provide independent repair shops and consumers with the repair materials they need to keep stuff in use and out of the trash, saving consumers money and reducing waste.