Nestle plans to phase out plastic straws as more corporations respond to consumer demand

Nestle is responding to consumer demands to reduce plastic waste.

Beyond plastic

Nestle is responding to consumer demands to reduce plastic waste.

On Jan. 15, Nestle announced it will start phasing out plastic straws in February. The company also plans to produce its water bottles with 50 percent recycled plastic by 2025 and is working to develop a fully biodegradable bottle.

“To stop the wave of single-use plastic waste, corporations have to take the lead to stop creating these plastics in the first place,” said Alex Truelove, director of our national network’s Zero Waste campaign. “Nestle has taken a step in the right direction.”

Nestle is working with scientists to develop marine biodegradable packaging. PIRG’s national network is running campaigns alongside Environment America and other allies to ban plastic foam cups and containers, plastic bags and other single-use plastics across the country — giving the retail food industry more incentive to switch to plastic-free alternatives now.

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