California Election Results

So far the results are promising on every single one of the measures CALPIRG backed this election cycle, including state and local efforts to reduce pollution, expand transit options, increase transparency in government, and reduce the influence of big money in politics. 

CALPIRG Election Results:

The votes are still being counted, but so far the results are promising on every single one of the measures CALPIRG backed this election cycle.

Prop 67 to Ban Plastic Bags – YES! Californians voted to uphold the single-use plastic bag ban. CALPIRG’s student chapters chose to prioritize this campaign, recruiting over 500 volunteers to educate over 22,000 students about Prop 67, do more than 100 class presentations, organize 6 press conferences and remind thousands of students to vote Yes on Election Day via text, social media, and in-person events on campus.


Prop 54 to Increase Legislative Transparency – YES! Prop 54 will require legislation to be in print for 3 days before legislators can vote. Our take in Capitol Weekly.  

Prop 59 to Overturn Citizens United – YES! Reining in the influence of big money in politics is an issue we all can agree on. This measure instructs our members of Congress to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision.

Berkeley Measure X1 – YES! Thanks to Measure X1, Berkeley will be establishing a small donor empowerment program similar to what’s already working in places like New York City. These programs allow candidates with big ideas but not access to big cash run for office.

Bay Area Measure RR to Invest in BART – YES! Voters in San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties voted to invest in BART, the transportation backbone of the Bay Area, ensuring that this 40-year-old system is safe and reliable for decades to come.

Los Angeles Measure M to Invest in Transit – YES! Voters in Los Angeles County voted to extend its sales tax for transit indefinitely, investing in light rail expansions, bike lanes, and more.

Monterey County Measure Z to Ban Fracking – YES!  Monterey County voters decided they didn’t want to allow fracking to endanger their health and safety.  


Emily Rusch

Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network

Emily is the senior director for state organizations for The Public Interest Network. She works nationwide with the state group directors for PIRG and Environment America to help them build stronger organizations and achieve greater success. Emily was the executive director for CALPIRG from 2009-2021, overseeing a myriad of CALPIRG campaigns to protect public health, protect consumers in the marketplace, and promote a robust democracy. Emily works in our Oakland, California, office, and loves camping, hiking, gardening and cooking with her family.

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