Heavy Metals Don’t Belong In Easter Eggs

Toxic heavy metals don't belong in our chocolates, but a recent study finds that they could be there, anyway.

Anya Vanecek

Eating too much chocolate during an Easter egg hunt is common–overexposure to heavy metals shouldn’t be.

Yet, a recent study conducted by consumer group As You Sow found dangerous levels of heavy metals in over 60% of the common chocolate products they tested. Their study looked at brands including Sees, Mars, Hershey’s, Lindt, Godiva, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and others. All these contained unsafe levels of lead and/or cadmium in just one serving. I’m suddenly less excited about Sunday’s celebrations…

Too much lead or cadmium can cause all kinds of health problems, including lowering children’s IQs and causing kidney damage and bone loss. So, they have no place in our Easter eggs.

These companies must keep toxic heavy metals out of their products.

So, while my waistline is prepared to handle this weekend’s chocolate overload, I’m concerned about risking my overall health for just one piece of candy. There’s nothing sweet about that. 

Please join me in telling these companies: get heavy metals out of your chocolates!


Anya Vanecek

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