Salt River Project (SRP) is rushing a decision to spend nearly $1 billion in customer money for 16 new gas units. However, SRP has not disclosed how much this will cost the average ratepayer nor have they adequately requested or evaluated options to meet electricity demands or reviewed options to spend less money. 

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Key Points

·        Salt River Project (SRP), our state’s second largest utility, is governed by an elected Board of Directors.

·        In the Fall of 2021, SRP Management rushed a proposal to its Board to expand its Coolidge gas plant by adding 16 gas units at a cost of nearly $1 billion of customer money. In this instance, Management did not use a competitive bid process to request and evaluate other energy resource options nor did they provide the Board with options to spend less money (e.g., increase energy efficiency, reduce the proposed number of gas units). The Board narrowly supported Management’s recommendation, which meant the next step was the Arizona Power Plant and Line Siting Committee at the Arizona Corporation Commission, who allowed the proposal to proceed.

·        Since the initial proposal, hundreds of citizens have weighed in against SRP’s $1 billion proposal. Dozens of consumers have spoken up before the relevant proceedings. Consumer, community, health, environmental, faith and other entities have stated their opposition.  

·        To date, SRP still hasn’t answered basic questions such as the estimated monthly bill impact for SRP customers. And questions remain regarding potential adverse impacts to air quality and water quantity.

·        The next and final determination belongs with the Arizona Corporation Commission, who can and should slow SRP down and send them to the drawing board before making a final decision.


Please take a minute and ask Commissioners to vote no or delay their vote until  SRP issues an all-source RFP, and evaluates and publicly provides comprehensive information from bids received. Consumers deserve to know how a $1 billion decision is likely to impact their monthly electric bills.


Chairwoman Lea Marquez Peterson: (602)542-3625

Commissioner Sandra Kennedy: (602)542-3933
Commissioner Justin Olson: (602)542-0745

Commissioner Anna Tovar: (602)542-3935
Commissioner Jim O’Connor: (602)542-3682

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