U.S. Senator John McCain Honored By Arizona PIRG As Public Interest Champion

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Arizona PIRG

As part of the state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) first lobby days of the 109th Congress, Arizona PIRG honored Senator John McCain for his unwavering commitment to a secure and affordable energy future and his leadership on global warming.

At a Washington D.C. reception, Arizona PIRG and the state PIRGs honored members of Congress as Public Interest Champions who have been key allies in state and national efforts to promote a clean, safe energy future, defend the Clean Air Act, and to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

“If there is one thing people know about Senator McCain, it is that he is a fearless legislator who repeatedly stands up for the public against the special interests,” said Arizona PIRG Field Organizer Brad Johnson. “We are particularly proud of the work we have conducted with Senator McCain toward a secure and affordable energy future.”

Over the past three decades, the state PIRGs have won consumer and environmental victories by taking on special interests across the country and helped to promote and defend national consumer and environmental protections in the halls of Congress. There are now state PIRGs and U.S. PIRG field organizers across the country, giving citizens a voice against powerful special interests that would otherwise dominate the public debate. Arizona PIRG is a leader in the effort for more clean and renewable energy in Arizona.

“The state PIRGs chose to honor Public Interest Champions who have been leaders in our efforts to promote a clean, safe energy future and defend the Clean Air Act,” explained Johnson. “We hope to honor many more in coming years for courageous work to protect public health and the environment, protect consumers from faulty products and unfair financial practices and get big money out of politics,” concluded Johnson.

Arizona PIRG is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest advocacy organization dedicated to consumer rights, environmental protection, and good government.