Phoenix Voters Send Message: Keep Light Rail on Track

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In our ballot statement to Phoenix voters, Arizona PIRG highlighted the following benefits of light rail:

·       Light rail helps business executives and employees get to their jobs.

·       Light rail helps senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and others that have challenges driving get around.

·       Light rail helps families enjoy ball games and events in Phoenix.

·       Light rail helps high school and college students get to class.

·       Light rail helps connect family and friends.

·       Light rail saves money for consumers. When the cost of operating and maintaining a vehicle is taken into account, it is less expensive to ride light rail than to drive.

·       Light rail reduces air pollution increasing the likelihood that tourists will want to visit Phoenix and provide a boost to the economy. Additionally, poor air quality too often results in asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses and negatively impacts the health of those of us that live and/or work in Phoenix.

Arizona PIRG is pleased that Phoenix citizens once again voted (4th time since 2000) to recognize light rail as a beneficial transportation and to keep light rail on track.