Phoenix voters clear the way for more light rail

Faced with a choice over whether to keep light rail on track, Phoenix voters decided once again to give the transit option a green light.

On Aug 27, Phoenix residents voted down Proposition 105, a ballot question that would have derailed the city’s light rail. Arizona PIRG highlighted air quality, public health and the ability for consumers to save money as key reasons why Phoenix voters should continue to support light rail and reject the ballot initiative. Arizona PIRG joined Mayor Kate Gallego, a majority of the city council, and the United Phoenix Firefighters, among others in calling on citizens to vote no.

“Arizona PIRG is pleased that Phoenix citizens once again voted (for the fourth time since 2000) to recognize light rail as a beneficial transportation option and to keep light rail on track,” said Arizona PIRG Executive Director Diane Brown.

More than 60 percent of those voting rejected Proposition 105.

Read Arizona PIRG’s statement.

Photo: The Phoenix light rail system is an essential service that reduces the number of polluting cars on the city’s roads. Credit: KINKISHARYO via Flickr, CC BY 2.0. 

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