Our path to cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars is facing roadblocks

Arizonans want cleaner cars and trucks that drive farther while burning less gas, but the Trump administration is throwing up roadblocks to progress.

On Sept. 26, Arizona PIRG Education Fund’s Diane Brown penned an op-ed on the benefits of maintaining the federal clean car standards. Newer cars are safer and more fuel-efficient than ever, resulting in cleaner air, fewer accidents and more savings for consumers. And they’re popular, too: In the past two years, 17 million safe and fuel-efficient vehicles have hit the road, replacing millions of older, less efficient vehicles.

“We are enjoying the cleanest, most fuel-efficient and safest cars, trucks and SUVs in history,” said Brown. “The bottom line is this: Consumers want higher fuel efficiency. There’s no reason to throw the fuel economy standards in reverse.”

Arizona PIRG is calling on the Trump administration to uphold the clean car standards and amplifying the voices of all consumers who want safer roads, cleaner air and more money in their pockets.

Read Diane Brown’s full op-ed here.

Photo Caption: Driving is a huge part of life in Arizona, and Arizonans want to better fuel efficiency for their vehicles. 

Photo Credit: epSos.de via Wikimedia Commons (CC by 2.0)