Toolkit Gives Arizonans Know-How to “Get the Lead Out” of School Drinking Water

With “back to school” in full swing, the Arizona PIRG Education Fund released a free toolkit to help parents, guardians, teachers and administrators Get the Lead Out of school drinking water. 

Arizona PIRG Education Fund

With “back to school” in full swing, the Arizona PIRG Education Fund released a free toolkit to help parents, guardians, teachers and administrators Get the Lead Out of school drinking water. 

Diane E. Brown, Executive Director of the Arizona PIRG Education Fund said there is a “lack of accurate information on lead contamination in schools throughout our state.” Brown noted that although Arizona uses a stronger standard (15 parts per billion) than the federal government    (20 parts per billion), the current regulations are too weak to protect children. The Arizona PIRG Education Fund supports a one part per billion standard for lead in schools’ drinking water, which is also what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends.

 “Lead is a potent neurotoxin, affecting the way children learn, grow, and behave,” Brown added. “Children deserve safe drinking water. The Toolkit provides parents, teachers, and administrators with tools they need to ‘get the lead out’ at school.”

The Toolkit includes a factsheet, video, sample call-to-action materials and links to additional resources. The toolkit also answers technical questions such as how to evaluate test results and which solutions work best to prevent contamination.

As noted in the toolkit, most schools have fountains, solder, or other metal items that can leach lead into drinking water. Brown concluded, “currently documented cases of lead contamination are likely just the tip of the iceberg.”

In a report earlier this year, the Arizona PIRG Education Fund assigned Arizona a grade of “D” in addressing this threat to children’s health.


Diane Brown

Executive Director, Arizona PIRG

Diane E. Brown has worked with the State PIRGs for over 35 years, over half serving as the Executive Director of Arizona PIRG. She is a leader in efforts to protect consumers from unfair marketplace abuses and unsafe products; promote 21st century energy and transportation options; and foster an accessible and accountable government. Diane frequently works with diverse entities; advocates and testifies before elected and governmental officials; and appears on television and radio and in newspapers across the state. Diane’s leadership has helped to secure public interest victories at the Arizona Legislature, the Arizona Corporation Commission, and various state agencies. Diane is a recipient of awards from the Arizona Capitol Times, Phoenix Business Journal, League of Women Voters of Arizona, and Arizona League of Conservation Voters.

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