Tell the ACC: No to Southwest Gas Rate Hike

Despite research documenting that methane gas is too costly for our health, our communities, & our economy; Southwest Gas is seeking a 11.4% rate hike.

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Recent research has documented that methane gas is too costly for our health, our communities, & our economy. Yet, Southwest Gas is seeking a 11.4% rate hike that includes $664,596 in 2021 membership dues for the American Gas Association & a line-extension allowance, which forces customers to pick up the tab when developers want to extend gas lines to residential & commercial properties. Shareholders, not ratepayers, should pay for such membership dues. And developers should pay their own way. Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission “no” to consumers paying for extending dirty & dangerous gas. No to a double-digit rate hike.

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Please provide public comment by phone on Sept. 19, 2022 from 10:00-12:30 p.m. or until the last caller is finished speaking, whichever comes first. To provide your input on the rate hike to the Arizona Corporation Commission, please call (866)705-2554 & enter code 241497#.


Diane Brown

Executive Director, Arizona PIRG Education Fund

Diane directs the policy and campaign priorities for Arizona PIRG. She helped lead members of the Coalition for Transportation Choices advocating for Proposition 104 in Phoenix—one of the boldest investments in public transportation passed in the nation. Diane is the recipient of recent awards from the Phoenix Business Journal, the League of Women Voters of Arizona and the Arizona League of Conservation Voters. Diane was previously the executive director of Illinois PIRG, and an assistant organizing director with the Student PIRGs.

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